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The python package pyvistaqt extends the functionality of pyvista through the usage of PyQt5. Since PyQt5 operates in a separate thread than VTK, you can similtaniously have an active VTK plot and a non-blocking Python session.


pyvistaqt BackgroundPlotter

Getting Started

Installation using pip is:

$ pip install pyvistaqt

To install this package with conda run:

$ conda install -c conda-forge pyvistaqt

You can also visit PyPI or GitHub to download the source.

Once installed, use the pyvistaqt.BackgroundPlotter like any PyVista plotter.

Brief Example

Create an instance of the pyvistaqt.BackgroundPlotter and plot a sphere.

import pyvista as pv
from pyvistaqt import BackgroundPlotter

sphere = pv.Sphere()

plotter = BackgroundPlotter()


While pyvistaqt is under the MIT license, pyqt5 is subject to the GPL license. Please see deails at Riverbank License FAQ.